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Terms of Reference

Leisure, Environment and Recreation Committee

Responsible for 7 recreation grounds in the Parish as well as roadside seat, Jubilee Park, management of the community part of Heathfield Community Centre, also Lucas Memorial Hall and other properties.  Heathfield Community Centre Sub-Committee reports to this Committee.

Burial Grounds Committee and Amenities

To undertake the delegated powers of the Parish Council as Burial Authority.  To provide Burial Grounds within the Parish as required; to manage and maintain existing and future Burial Grounds within the Parish; to ensure that the appropriate fees and regulations are revised from time to time, the fees are collected and the regulations enforced, and to ensure that all regulations, Deeds of Grant and other Administrative requirements under the Burial Acts are carried out.  It is also responsible for allotments and will oversee the development of the land at Theobalds Green for allotments and burials.

Planning and Highways Committee

To consider and comment upon planning applications and policies affecting the Parish and take further action as the planning process may require.  To study and recommend upon highway matters and to ensure adequate and effective provision of street lighting.

Rural Transport Sub-Committee

To investigate enquiries from Members of the Public in relation to Rural Transport Matters; to help insitgate better provision of Public Transport Services in teh Parish and to deal with general Rural Transport matters as they arise.

Finance and General Purposes Committee

To prepare the annual budget for approval by Full Council; to oversee financial procedures of the Council and carry out budgetary control monitoring; to monitor expenditure by other committees; to deal with staffing matters and other matters as required and to monitor and ensure the effective and efficient administration of the Council's business as a whole.

Business Development Committee

The Business Development Committee reports to full Council and has been set up to research and develop commercial business opportunities within the Parish.