Information On Future Roadworks / Road Closures

6 - 10 January 2020 - Upcoming works - Mutton Hall Hill, Heathfield - works to be carried out to adjust the levels of drain and manhole covers following the surface treatment works in the previous financial year.   Works will be carried out under temporary traffic lights which will be manually operated. 

6.01.20 - B2096 Battle Road, Cade Street, Heathfield - to repair a broken pipe on B2096 Battle Road, Cade Street, Heathfield at the junction with the Old Heathfield Road.   Works start at 6 January 2020 and continue for two days.

13-24 January 2020- Kerbing work on A265 Broad Oak from the junction with Battle Road, Heathfield to approximately 500m east of the junction with Swife Lane.  These works will be carried out under manually controlled temporary traffic lights.

3-11 February 2020 - resurfacing works on A265 Burwash Weald.   The road will be closed from 150 metres east of Willingford Lane to Coopers Hill between 8.00 pm and 6.00 am each night.  

During periods where the road is closed, traffic will be diverted via A265, B2096 Battle Road, A271 North Trade Road, A2100 London Road, A21 John Cross Roundabout, Roberstbridge Bypass, A21 London Road, A265 Station Road and vice versa. 

Further information:

17-21 February 2020 - C406 School Hill, Old Heathfield - Temporary Road Closure - From the junction with the C406 Portland Square to outside Heathfield Leisure Centre, a distance of 63 metres.  The work is expected to take 5 days to complete to allow South East Water to carry out new connection works.

1st March 2020 - From the junction with the U7369 Tilsmore Road to outside a property known as Holdenhurst, works are a distance of 100 metres - Temporary Road Closure. The work is expected to take one day to complete.  BT will be carrying out cabling works.