Reported Crime In Heathfield July, August & September

There has been an increase in grafitti in the Heathfield area.  If you have any information regarding this please call the non emergency number 101.  Or you can report it via email on the Sussex Police website.

Please be aware there has been an increase in theft from motor vehicles and burglary dwellings in the area.  Please think about your security. Do not leave any belongings in your vehicle and make sure you lock it.  Lock your doors and windows when leaving your property.  Do not tell anyone other than family if you are going away on holiday.

There is now a permanent number for Operation Blitz which operates Friday and Saturday from 6pm until midnight during school terms and every day of the week during school holidays.

The number is 07770 700642


11/7/19: Theft of churns

13/7/19: Criminal Damage

14/7/19: Burglary dwelling

25/7/19: ASB to fence

29/7/19: Damage to site

29/7/19: Theft from motor vehicle

31/7/19: Youths smoking drugs


11/8/19: Report of noisy youths

13/8/19: Report of two youths smoking drugs

20/8/19: ASB

24/8/19: Theft from motor vehicle

26/8/19: Burglary dwelling

26/8/19: ASB

28/8/19: Burglary dwelling


2/9/19: Shop window smashed

4/9/19: Theft from motor vehicle

4/9/19: Theft from motor vehicle

4/9/19: Smashed window